Chapter 1: Algemantis Citizens

Harmony and beauty reign in Algemantis. The pearly white walls of the Government Palace reflect the colors of the amber rays of the dawn. Around the Palace, the gardens of anemone blossom, and the scent of sea citrus fruits spread through the streets that branch out across the city. The great cold has passed and the city unfolds in all its splendor.

Citizens are excited by the influx of people from all parts of the universe and do not feel threatened. They feel protected by the government that cares about them and offers them exclusive benefits. For example, they have less to pay in taxes than the visitors and they are given higher salaries and plenty of other bonuses. “The well-being of our citizens is our top priority.” Thus is said at the very beginning of the table of rules written in sepia ink and carefully drafted by the Algaris.

In the warmer hours of the day, they gather in the large central square, designed to direct the currents and create a regenerating coolness. From the roofs of the transparent sand buildings grow swaying vertical gardens of silver seaweed that shade the streets.

Newly arrived visitors look around fascinated by the inhabitants and their activities. The Algys, the young seals, by nature have a strong sense of hospitality and are happy to accompany visitors to the most beautiful places in the city. Although some places are reserved only for the people living there, then they go out of their way to accompany them to see the coral towers and pearl meadows. Of all, it is the Algyors, sharks of Algemantis, that arouse the most interest. They can be seen leaving or returning from a planet in the Astar Galaxy. They move the energy of the city. They are never uneasy or cranky, and when someone stops them in the street, they are happy to tell them about the most important events in the capital. In the big main square, it is not uncommon to meet the Algaris Council. Aigor and the other founders of the city often stroll along, immersed in their thoughts.

From the great south gate of the city to the north gate and in all the streets, there is a feeling of familiarity and security. Even visitors from more distant planets can feel it. This is certainly because of the Dragomantis, guardians of the city easily identified by their black leather jackets, sunglasses, and tough-guy attitude. Indeed, they with courage and a spirit of justice keep order in the city. Thousands of visitors arrive from the galaxies every day, but none escape the watchful gaze of the Dragomantis.

A few minutes after sunset when the eastern ocean is tinged with the colors of the night. Visitors return to the only planets and the spectacle of color, light, and contras, begins. At night, the city remains with its people. The Algys relax, the Algyors stop harrying and everyone reinforces the community spirit that is the foundation of the city.

The night is silent, only the rustling of the currents can be heard. The city rests, waiting for the first light of a new day.

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