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With the Algemantis Nautilus Pass NFT, you can explore the Algemantis universe and gain access to special features of the Algem dapp, such as… Actually, let's not be in a hurry and instead take things at a leisurely pace.

What we've put together for you is NOT just another NFT set but rather a thrilling three-week adventure full of fascinating tales from the Algemantis universe and its inhabitants... ...and, of course, rewards for you as well. 🙂

01Read the latest chapter of Algemantis every three-four days for the next three weeks. Each of these stories focuses on a different perk of the Algemantis Nautilus Pass NFT.
02Take the chapter-ending quizzes to get on the whitelist for the Algemantis Nautilus Pass NFT sale and earn ALGM rewards.
03Attend the invitation-only sale to get a discount on your NFT purchase.
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Intro: Born of the Algemantis

Chapter 1: Algemantis Citizens

Chapter 2: Council

Chapter 3: Financial system

Chapter 4: Dragomantis

A sneak peek of
the all benefits

APR Booster for the Liquid Lending ALGM Incentives

Discount on the Liquid Lending fees

Private NFT and tokens airdrops (including HUGE ALGM airdrop)

Regular private incentivized contests and polls

An access to the private group in Algem Discord

Discussion of the governance decisions


A lot of perks will be activated immediately after the Liquid Lending launch and Algemantis Nautilus Pass NFT distribution. But we will gradially add more and more benefits to make your NFT more valuable

The official minting of the Algemantis Nautilus Pass NFT.

Owners of the Algemantis Nautilus Pass are invited to join the exclusive Council group.

Official TofuNFT listing

Launch of testnet for Algem's Liquid Lending that offers incentives to users.

It's time for the debut of the Liquid Lending.

Our Liquid Lending platform becomes operational, unlocking benefits and utility to NFT owners.

Algemantis Nautilus Pass NFT holders receive airdropped ALGM (0.5% of the overall supply).

Staking of NFTs on partner platforms.

The people of Algemantis will receive even more perks.

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