Intro: Born of the Algemantis

«Algem needs to come back to life». So thought Aigor as he sat on his throne. He knew that a change was urgent. The season of the Great Winter was not about to end, making the planet covered by the ocean increasingly bleak and cold...

It was as if the water was hardening and the wonderful fluidity that had made Algem famous throughout the universe of Astar, was disappearing. Algem's Council immediately set about searching for the causes of the long winter without reaching any results.

Every evening, Aigor would go out on the terrace of his palace and gaze at the dark blue of the great ocean of Talass. He would look up at the sky and the millions of tiny colored lights moving from planet to planet in the galaxy, sighing. For millennia, Algem was the lightest and most fluid planet in the galaxy, but with each passing day it seemed heavier and harder to live on.

Aigor was talking privately with his close friend Geltis, head of the Algem Council and vice governor. The two orcas strolled in the palace garden, between seaweed hedges and fountains with sculptures of sea animals. Complaining was not a characteristic of their species, they were generally distinct and calm, but Aigor felt like venting and he knew that with Geltis he was allowed to do so.

- Aigor, I feel the same way. This long winter is wearing us out. A council member told me that he saw some groups of sharks and seals preparing to leave the planet.

The news did not seem to shock Aigor, who walked along looking around.

- We don't often come to this ancient garden, do we? Look at the statues of these respectable orcas of the past. Said Aigor.

- We should do something soon,' said Geltis, who looked at Aigor curiously as he followed him into the thickest meanders of the garden. He continued with his thought - we should counteract the winter by creating energy, movement, and new activities.

Aigor suddenly stopped. He pointed to a sparkle coming from a statue half covered in seaweed and anemones. The two approached and realized that hidden by the vegetation, the statue depicted a water dragon holding a golden coral in the palm of his hand.

- I have the answer, my friend! said Aigor suddenly. - Let us build a new city, so splendid and advanced that its citizens will be happy again and all the inhabitants of neighbouring planets will want to visit it.

Geltis looked at the corals and then turned doubtfully toward the governor. - I don't know Aigor, it seems like a risky idea. The great winter is challenging all the inhabitants of the planet. It will be difficult to find anyone willing to work on it. - We should talk to the council first.

- Geltis, will make the winter end! You are right, my friend. We will produce new heat and energy, just like you said. We will awaken Algem!

In the following days, Aigor proposed his idea to the Algem Council.

- The time has come to create the new capital of Algem. The great city will be called Algemantis and will be open to all creatures of the sea and the Astar Universe. The new capital will offer its citizens the most beautiful place to live in the entire ocean; we will give them opportunities for growth and development that the creatures of the sea could only dream of.

The council listened to its ruler with interest. Initial doubts were replaced by enthusiasm and even Geltis began to believe that founding the new city of Algemantis would be the only way to save the Algem World.

Aigor and Geltis were at the forefront. They began sketching designs for the project, exploring the ocean to see where the right place to found the new underwater capital would be. The abyss was too dangerous and far away, the western sea was too crowded, and the eastern sea was too deserted and generally a bit sad. The two orcas were undecided between the north and the middle one. They thought that the visitors from the other planets wanted to be welcomed somewhere comfortable, handy, and safe. So, their choice fell on the middle one.

The project promised to be big and ambitious. The ruler and the head of the council were aware that would be impossible to realize it without the guidance of the Astar Universe. So, they asked the supreme ruler of Astar for advice and help.

After a few weeks of waiting, Sotasius, the supreme ruler of Astar Universe, arrived in Algem to meet Aigor and Geltis. The great cold persisted and the two enthusiastic orcas anxiously awaited approval of the design.

- Respectable orcas, I understand the importance of your idea. However, the draft you have presented to me is not sufficient for Astar's approval. I am sorry.

Aigor and Geltis's enthusiasm evaporated in an instant. Before Sotasius left, Aigor approached him to ask for a suggestion.

- Start building the city. Show me the plan, the square where the new palace will stand, the gardens, the inhabitants' houses. I mean, next time I want to walk through the streets under construction. I want to see more than just an idea.

The Council set about finding architects and designers to help them draw the plan of Algemantis from scratch.

However, the quest was more difficult than expected. None of the ocean inhabitants seemed capable of designing and directing the construction of the future capital. Eventually, someone answered the call: a giant squid who lived in the abyss and had previously worked on the construction of the old city. Kurl the giant squid appeared in the palace in front of Aigor and Geltis. The governor was immediately struck by his small, cold, dark eyes that stood out against his huge body.

- I always work with my partner who, as you can see, has stayed in the abyss. Kurl said, vibrating his large tentacles in the water.

Aigor and Geltis explained to him the urgency of counteracting the great cold and the importance of building the most beautiful city Algem had ever had. The squid showed no interest in winter, used to the constant cold and darkness of the ocean abyss, nor in the description of the city. The only question he asked was about the amount of the payment multiplied by two. Aigor and Geltis were sceptical, but they knew it was their only chance to start planning the city.

Surprisingly, the first few weeks the work went well. Aigor and Geltis kept an eye on Kurl's work and made an estimate of when they would have something concrete in their hands to resubmit to Sotasius. Suddenly, the squid started to slow down and his partner's existence looked more and more like a scam.

Much of the city had not yet been designed and they were way behind schedule. In front of the Council, Aigor and Geltis expressed their perplexity and intent to fire the squid. The enthusiasm that had driven them so far was turning into a burden. Geltis could not hide his fear of not finding a replacement.

News of the construction of the new capital spread across the ocean. A group of young orcas who had decided to abandon Algem and move to another distant planet changed their minds: if there was still a chance of saving the planet, they would not back down.

They presented themselves to Aigor and Geltis, who greeted them with joy and hope. Soon, the young orcas took the project to the next level. Their creative skills and the harmony that surrounded them impressed Aigor and Geltis. deeply. On the map, the design of the city was marvelous. It was reminiscent of the golden coral they had seen on the water dragon’s hand. From all over the universe they would come to visit Algem and rekindle its life.

- I heard about a community of Gorillas that can help us build the city,' Geltis told Aigor on his way back from a meeting with the Council.

The Gorillas were a community without hierarchy that lived on the planet Degenis. They were famous throughout the universe for the support they gave to the inhabitants of other planets in distress and for their fearless, tough character. The only thing Aigor and Geltis did not know was that the Gorillas were stubborn.

When they reached the ocean below Algem, the Gorillas were astonished by the cold of winter, which made the ocean water increasingly harsh. They immediately set to work and insisted on making changes to the structure of the city before building. According to them, it had to be created further away from the current city, enlarge the center of activity, and add more airstrips. Aigor asked the Council to vote on whether or not to move the city from where they had originally planned. The vote proved the inhabitants of Algem right and the gorillas were forced to give up.

The first water roads were built and the king's palace already had its foundations. Aigor called Sotasius to request permission again.

The meeting with Sotasius was very different from the previous one. Aigor and Geltis had changed. The fragile enthusiasm of the previous months had become a solid awareness as well as the project.

-Congratulations,-' he said with a smile that Aigor and Geltis did not know. - You have conquered our approval. Now, however, the real work begins: you must create the city as soon as possible before winter disrupts the planet.

It was time to cheer without letting up. In the months that followed, the orcas and the Gorilla showed all their resilience and love for the Algem planet. The inhabitants' housing estate was ready, but still, Aigor's palace and much of the city center remained to be built. Nights and days blended together without distinction. Despite the harsh winter temperatures, Aigor, Geltis, and the orcas stayed awake until the first rays of sunlight filtered through the foam caused by the storm on the surface. The water was tinged with an amber pink color that reflected off the white walls of the city buildings, creating the magic of light. One of the next mornings at the building site two young orcas appeared, who no one had ever met before.

They came from the Southern Ocean and wanted to help the governor build the city and move there, once it was finished. -You arrived just in time, Geltis said, passing a fin over his round head- Aigor was impressed by the natural talent for organization and the passion that the two young orcas Gregoris and Gianty showed in their work. They quickly formed a strong bond with the rest of the group. Aigor sensed the urgency to revive the planet that was slowly falling into a night of cold dark sleep. No day had passed that he had not imagined fleets of visitors arriving from all corners of the galaxy.

With the help and tireless work of all the orcas, Algemantis, the new capital of Algem, was born in all its splendor. As a symbol and protector of the city, Aigor and Geltis chose the water dragon, in memory of the moment when Aigor had the idea.

One evening Aigor and Geltis stepped out onto the terrace of his new palace and looked up at the universe and saw rays of light landing on Algemantis. In the ocean currents, they perceived that winter was coming to an end.

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