Chapter 3: Financial system

Aigor and Geltis used to spend their days talking about all aspects of the city. During the last period, the main topic was the invention of a good economic model. -"There is nothing more important than a strong currency for our citizens to prosper. Said Aigor. You know, the more the flow of money is unimpeded, the more it allows society to live. This makes people breathe”. He added, taking a deep breath. There were often metaphors and analogies in Aigor's speeches, but his approach was always practical and efficient.

Aigor had a visionary and broad mind and seemed to see situations from above, while Geltis was more selective and analytical. Together, the two different orcas' intelligence was formidable, especially thanks to the confrontation with the council.

Many weeks passed which soon became months.

The population had become used to seeing them walking up and down the streets of the city side by side. Visitors who had just arrived on the planet were fascinated to observe these two austere and distinguished-looking orcas leaving a silvery trail as they passed.

Their efforts finally led to a result. The Council room was flooded with parchments filled with diagrams, charts, and calculations. Aigor and Geltis found a model that would favor the citizens in trade and commerce and create a new virtuous circle. The inhabitants were informed and both the Algis and the Agyors raised some objections.

- Are you sure that the introduction of a new currency will not disrupt the balance of our city?

- “Dear citizens, we are firmly convinced about it.” - Said Geltis. - “It is designed to facilitate your activities and exchanges with other people who are increasingly present and interested in our planet.”

For a while, the introduction of the new currency seemed to work. However, that wasn't enough.

- “Algemantis is a pioneering city and needs an economic system so strong that our citizens will enjoy it for generations.” Aigor said to the council. As it had done in the past, the Council searched for the best experts capable of finding a solution for Algemantis.

When Stylianos and Linas, two experts renowned throughout the universe for their skills, arrived in town, the Algemantis Council was in a state of excitement. They immediately set to work. Aigor and Geltis showed the model they had used up to that moment.

Linas, took off glasses to clean the lenses and squinted his big Owl eyes. “Sorry,” he said, “But it's my first time here at the bottom of the ocean and I still have to get used to the light.”

The work proceeded steadily and meticulously. Aigor and Geltis, accustomed to working long hours, were pleasantly surprised by the seriousness and finesse of the thinking processes with which the experts tirelessly proceeded.

-"This is it," said Stylianos after studying a document for hours, "in my opinion by replacing these values and modifying these constraints, the economic system of Algemantis would receive great benefits.”

Aigor, Geltis and the other Algaris came closer to understand and were immediately surprised.
- "Sensational," said Geltis. “We would never have achieved such a result on our own.”
- “Besides,” Linas added, turning to the group of orcas, - “citizens will receive bonuses that will increase their wealth.

A few days later, after drawing up the details of the economic reform, Aigor called an extraordinary meeting with all the citizens of Algemantis.

Linas and Stylianos, introduced by Aigor, stood up to explain the new economic plan in detail, and at the conclusion, the assembly erupted in roaring applause.

From that moment on, the city's economy flourished and all the citizens of Algemantis significantly improved their quality of life.

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