Chapter 2: Council

The Palace of Algemantis stood in all its majesty in the center of the city. Every day, the Algaris would enter and leave the Palace deep in thought about the decisions to be made for the city. Aigor noticed the effort that the entire council, including Geltis, dedicated to making the city a better place for its citizens. They had proudly established that only citizens of Algemantis could have access to the Council Palace and discuss any issues with the Algaris.

However, he realized that there is still a barrier between the citizens and the council members. One late morning, during a meeting regarding essential decisions to be made about the city, he looked around and realised that just a few of the citizens of Algemantis were there.

He was bitterly disappointed. He thought back to the talk of integration and inclusion that he had given to the inhabitants, which now seemed nothing more than pretty words. Geltis and the other Algaris had noticed the problem also, but hoped to solve it by inviting the population to participate more. The city was their place to live well and thrive. Aigor pondered the issue in-depth and did not come to terms with it. One day he raised the matter during a meeting with the council and Geltis came up with the idea of asking an expert from the Astar Universe for advice. Shunyros was happy to help Algemantis and moved to the city for a few weeks.

He integrated perfectly with the population. He began to learn about the way of thinking of the Algys and Algyors and to respect the apparently cold and detached attitude of the Dragomantis. He saw that the city was a lively place and the inhabitants showed great trust in Aigor and the council. However, they hardly attended meetings. Every evening, Shunyros met with Aigor to chat and share his impressions. At first, not even him understood what caused the distance between the citizens and the council. One day while exploring the Palace, he had an insight.
- Aigor, - Shunyros said looking out the window at the beautiful swaying seaweed gardens. - In my now century-long experience, I have become increasingly convinced that it is spaces that generate actions and not vice versa.
Aigor looked at him with a wondering expression.
- Let me explain. People need to feel comfortable in a Place to be able to express themselves. Well-orchestrated places always generate positive feelings and positive actions improve people's moods.
- Do you think the building is not comfortable enough? Aigor asked in a vaguely offended tone.
- My friend, I think that the Palace needs more informal and familiar spaces and that citizens need to feel valued and privileged.

Over the next few days, Aigor walked around the palace rooms and realized what Shunyros meant. He was right. He mobilized the Council to rebuild the building and meeting rooms. He involved the population by asking everyone how they would like the Palace and what activities they would like to do in it.

The result was outstanding. A very large and welcoming round room ensured that everyone was as comfortable as the council members. Distinctions were eliminated. From that moment on, before a new law was sent to the official public vote, it had to be discussed in the council chamber between citizens and Algaris. The Palace soon became the nerve centre of the city and a new tradition was established: by surprise and without any particular reason, every citizen could get bonuses under the roof of the Palace of Algemantis.

During a council meeting, Aigor looked joyfully at the audience and said: “The new capital of Algem was born to serve our community. Ours is a society open to dialogue, confrontation and participation”.

Thanks to Shunyros's help and the measures taken, the distance between the council and the inhabitants disappeared and the city of Algaris became more cohesive and flourishing than ever.

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