Chapter 4: Dragomantis

Before the birth of Algemantis, there was a legend among the people telling that the ancient water dragons still lived in the middle sea. They were elusive and very powerful creatures that had protected the water of the planet for centuries. Only a few lucky ones had been privileged to encounter them. One generation after another told stories about them and their power. Algys had one version of the story, Algyros another, and Algaris a different one. Perhaps they were all true, but no one could really confirm it. Rumour said that their blue and green scaled bodies camouflage themselves in the water as if they melted into the ocean. In the ancient world they were considered as spirit protectors due to their intangible presence. Their sense of fairness and justice was also legendary. According to legend, there was no one on the entire planet, and perhaps in the entire Astar Universe, with values as steadfast as those of the Dragomantis. In the past, statues of magnificent water dragons were carved in volcanic rock. They were arranged in rows in the garden paths of the old Governor's Palace. It was there that Aigor and Geltis in front of one of these statues now covered in anemones and corals had the idea of founding a new capital. Some Algys and several Algyors thought it was the Dragomantis' will, but it has never been established. Not even when for the first time in centuries, the Dragomantis show themselves to the citizens. Their eyes were watchful and serious and when they rested on them, they instilled a mysterious feeling of respect.

Their scales were iridescent, taking on all shades of blue, and in the shadows, they became as black as the ocean at night. Their bodies radiated power. Their claws were long and sharp, their jaws strong, their sharp teeth as white as cuttlefish bones. They presented themselves to Aigor and the Algaris Council on the day of the city's inauguration. One of them, although there was no hierarchy among the dragons, stepped forward and addressed Aigor:
- “We are the Dragomantis, guardians of these waters since the beginning of time. We were born together with the ocean and have sworn to protect it from all threats.” - He said in a deep, solemn voice. He looked at Aigor with his eyes the colour of blazing sand.
- “We are humbly grateful”- Aigor replied, unable to hide his astonishment.
- “We have watched over the construction of this city. We have appreciated the efforts of the Algaris and the intentions to drive away the long winter. Therefore, we ask you to let us continue to fulfill our oath to the ocean and become the guardians of the city and its inhabitants.”

Aigor could not have imagined a better proposal. He knew that in all the universe there was no creature more loyal and powerful than dragons, and the city would benefit from it. The inauguration ceremony was even grander and more majestic thanks to the unexpected presence of the Dragomantis.

Water dragons were amazing creatures. Behind their hard, rigid scales was a hilarious and ironic spirit. Soon all visitors learned not to mess with them and their deeds became famous throughout the Universe. Their image became iconic and perfectly represented the values of Algemantis. It was reproduced in the most important places in the city and added to all citizens' passports so that everyone could always carry the image of the Dragomantis in their pockets.

The formerly abandoned statues were restored and placed in the garden of the new governor's Palace. Their style was unique and recognizable: leather jacket, black sunglasses, and yellow crest, but it would be impossible to find two alike.

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